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Publicación en From The Grapevine

Muchas gracias a From The Grapevine por incluirme en este articulo sobre artistas Surrealistas Contemporaneos.

From The Grapevine was created to provide a fresh perspective on Israel. From the land’s natural beauty to Tel Aviv’s vibrant technology scene; from the global culinary world’s focus on Israeli food and recipes to the innovative Israelis who are changing the world – From The Grapevine covers the bounty of what Israel is about today, in detail, with great writing, rich photographs, and its own editorial voice – engaging, non-political, and non-religious.

From The Grapevine tells the stories about Israel you may have missed, but not for much longer, as our engaged social media community begins to share our words. If you find a story that speaks to you, please pass it along, and tell others you heard about it From The Grapevine.

From The is published by The reThink Israel Initiative, Inc, an American non-profit 501c3 corporation.

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