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Aquí una nueva participación en el diseño del Albume para el músico y compositor Manuel Alejandro. Yo he disfrutado mucho con la realización de este nuevo proyecto que finalmente se terminó y que espera estrenarse en Mayo de este año.

Felicito a Alejandro por su talento y por mostrarnos parte de su inspiración a través de su música.

About  Manuel Alejandro

Manuel Alejandro is a New York based Cuban artist (B. Camaguey, Cuba) of many talents: a singer, a songwriter and a master percussionist who is at home in diverse musical genres.

His debut release, “Ser Grande Por Dentro”, is a series of reflections, or “inspiraciones,” on universal themes of love, artistic passion, and the questions that arise from moment to moment in our daily lives as we search for higher meaning.

These songs are colored by Rock and Funk overtones, but they are clearly a natural evolution of his Cuban sensibility and his prodigious work as a Latin performer in New York City. With poetic verses and soulful vocals, they blend melodies and thoughts he dreamed of while touring the globe with World music ensembles. Tracks like “Al Cruzar Dos Aguas”, “Aprendiendo A Amar” and, “Melodia,” are meditations that ask, how can I cross this river? How can we learn to love one another? And, what is the melody that sustains everything? These contemplations, fused with groove and elevated by orchestral arrangements, resonate with savvy audiences as they ask the listener to transcend him/herself with timeless messages placed in the context of hot, infectious pop rhythms.

The release of “Ser grande por dentro” is already being felt on the New York City scene and Manuel Alejandro is fast becoming a rising star and sage of Pop-Rock Latino. His enduring lyrics represent a spirit touched by a different muse: one who can express questions we all have but can rarely ask. With this seminal album Manuel Alejandro is sure to change the face of Latin music.

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